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Anna Topuriya is a Los Angeles based artist. Born in Tbilisi, Georgia (1987) she relocated with her family to Los Angeles, Ca shortly after the fall of the USSR and the onset of the Georgian civil war (1991). Growing up in the heart of Hollywood, she she became interested in image-making, exploring the intriguing intersection of illusion and reality. Her paintings portray landscapes, natural phenomena, and the dynamic, ever-shifting essence of Los Angeles. She weaves the allure of California's romanticized mythology with the profound influence of America's cultural exports.

In her editions project, Studio Practice, Anna delves into print and object experiments. Through her curated newsletter, Holistic Correspondence, she offers a glimpse into a world where art seamlessly intertwines with life.



2018 Art Bangall Group Exhibition
Bangall, NY

2018 Tbilis Art Fair-Buyers
Tbilisi, Georgia

2016 Les Gens Heureux,
Curtains up, Badges on
Copenhagen, Denmark

2015 Les Gens Heureux,
spring group show
Copenhagen, Denmark

2014 Jarko, What A Gas At The Zoo
Gothenburg, Sweden

2013 New York Public Library,
New York, NY

2012 The National Theater of Marseille,
Laterna Magica
Marseilles, France

2012 Kiblind, Kiblind en Grand
Paris, France

2011 Design for Humanity,
VH1 Save the Music Benefit
Los Angeles, California

2011 Force Field, Against Malaria
Los Angeles, California

2011 Doctors Without Borders Benefit,
Send Mend Vend
Baltimore, Mariland